Advice For The Aging Rocker

Advice For The Aging Rocker

Can rockers age gracefully? Bluesmen do it. Why not rockers? To help rockers age with style I have compiled some helpful tips and advice to ease the inevitable.

Address Your Age

You’re getting older, don’t fight it. Take heart, your fans are getting older too. They will still like you, they know how you feel. Embrace your age. It would be silly for a 50 year old man to write a song about going to a high school dance, but it would be fine to write one about taking a woman out dancing. By the way, don’t try dancing onstage, unless you actually can.

Dress Your Age

It is also silly for a 50 year old man to dress like a teen. Dress your age. You may need baggy pants now, but leave the hip-hop clothes to the kids.

Don’t Try To Be Hip

You’re probably not. You may have been once, but now the best you can hope for is “Your Dad’s pretty cool for an old guy.”

Lose The High School Haircut

Check your high school yearbook. If you are still sporting that same cut, RUN to the nearest hair cuttery and get a new style. Don’t worry, they have trained professionals that can help you out.

Going Bald? Deal With It

No hats. The country guys can get away with it, but you will just look like your going bald and trying to hide it. If you must wear a hat, cut your remaining hair short. Do you know how goofy a lion’s mane of hair sticking out the sides of a hat looks? Most people didn't come to watch your hair anyway. If they do, you’re beyond my help. If you’re not brave enough to show the real you, shaving your head is a good option. People will think you’re being radical. 

Don’t Follow Trends

AC/DC with rap beats? I don’t think so. There is a great temptation to jump on the latest trend. But if it doesn't fit your music, it will be a disaster. Do what you do best.

Don’t Ignore Your Past

People came to hear the old songs. Play them. Play some new ones, but mix them in with the ones people came to hear. Remember who is paying your salary. There is nothing wrong with making your fans happy. I doubt if Bach or Beethoven worried about becoming a nostalgia act.

Laugh At Yourself

Don’t take yourself so seriously. Have some fun at your own expense. People love that stuff. You’ve probably got a lot of stories to tell. Tell them.

Learn To Play The Blues

Hey, it works for the blues guys!

Legal Notice: These are just suggestions (although, they are quite good.) Do not base your career on them (unless you want to be successful.) Do not sue me if they don’t work (they will, unless you were washed up anyway.) What do I know? (I'm not a famous rock star. Although I am getting older...)

Photo by Nicola Gypsicola

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