Some Things I’ve Learned From The Latest Star Trek Movies

Some Things I’ve Learned From The Latest Star Trek Movies

According to the latest Star Trek movies, in the future:

Man can build a machine that can disassemble a person, beam them through space, and reassemble them with their soul and consciousness intact, but they usually can't get the warp drive to work when they really need it. 

No matter where you boldly go in the Universe, one thing is certain: conflict. 

Guys named Kirk still get all the girls.

Despite living in a multi-humanoid utopian society spanning numerous galaxies, people still have lots of personal issues and continue to search for fulfillment. And they still fistfight a lot. 

You can find a working motorcycle full of gas on just about any planet. 

There is a possibility that you will meet a time traveling version of yourself. 

Humanity survived Facebook. 

People still have nicknames. Thankfully. 

People no longer check their phones every free second they have. 

Every place you go is pretty clean. 

Star Fleet officers can perform amazing stunts flawlessly if they wait until the last possible second before the destruction of a planet to do them.  

People still wear uniforms to work. 

If you fly on a Star Ship there is an extremely high chance you will not survive the trip unless you work on the bridge. 

The future is going to be really cool.

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