It Happened On A Sunday - Aliens Came To Earth

It Happened On A Sunday - Aliens Came To Earth

It happened on a Sunday. Everyone thought it just was a regular Sunday. No one knew it would be a historic moment for mankind. Some people were sleeping in. Some were going to church. Some were doing a crossword puzzle and drinking coffee. Just the usual Sunday stuff. But this wasn’t a usual Sunday. It was the Sunday that aliens came to Earth.

There wasn’t any question about it. Their spaceship was enormous. Easily a mile long. And it was square. Actually a cube. No one saw it streak across the sky or land. It just appeared. In Nebraska. On a farm. I guess if you are looking to land a giant cube where it will do the least amount of damage, Nebraska is the place.

Naturally, the governments of every nation freaked out, not knowing the giant cube’s intentions. So they immediately formulated a plan to destroy the cube. Just in case. Funny how enemies become friends when they all are equally scared. A multi-national armed force quickly created a perimeter around the cube. Outside of that were countless news organizations. Outside of that were countless people who had never seen a giant alien cube. Traffic was pretty bad on Interstate 80.

The cube didn’t do anything for well over a day. The aliens were probably sitting inside enjoying the spectacle the human chaos. Or maybe they were doing laundry so they would look presentable. But on the second day, the cube opened up. One whole side simply opened up. There was no door. The side just wasn’t there anymore. It vanished in an instant.

Now that was a show. People gasped. Some fainted. Lots more started running. Why? You really think you are going to outrun a giant space cube? I doubt it. The military readied the 10,000 weapons of various sizes it had aimed at it. But nothing else happened.

And now you could see inside. It was simply amazing. It looked like the biggest building ever with floor after floor of Earth. Each floor looked like a different part of Earth. Some floors looked like jungles. Some like massive cities. Some like farmland. Some like beaches and ocean. There were hills, animals, things I can’t even describe. Incredible.

No one knew what to do next. Well, for the past day the military had been broadcasting in every language known to man, and Latin.

Stuff like, “What are your intentions?” 
“We would like to meet with you” 
“Do you understand us?” 
“The people of Earth welcome you peacefully.” 
I guess it worked. The cube started broadcasting in all the same languages. “We mean you no harm. We would like to meet with your country’s leaders.”

This went on for about an hour. Then twelve figures stepped out of the cube. They looked almost human. Except they were much taller. And their “skin” looked more like milky glass. They wore clothing without seams. It can’t imagine how they put it on or took it off. Perhaps it was part of their skin also. On their heads, where we have hair, they had more of the glassy stuff, but it was deep red.

Representatives from the countries of Earth walked out and greeted the aliens. After another good half hour of talking, the aliens walked with the representatives of Earth to the deluxe black SUVs that all governments like to use.

Later that day. The President came on television to brief the nation. After repeatedly saying there was no need to worry, the aliens would not harm us, everything will be fine, he turned the microphone over to one of the aliens. The alien spoke in English.

“People of Earth. We are from another galaxy. We cannot explain how we got here. You would not be able to comprehend the technology. We have been watching your species for many of your Earth centuries. Although you are a selfish, warring species, craving power, and bent on destruction. Each generation produces a few extraordinary people who give us hope.”

“Space in a vastly empty place, mostly devoid of life. We have colonized several planets with our own species, and we believe it would be beneficial to your species to do the same.”

“We consider the likelihood of humans surviving as a species long enough to create the technology required to reach other inhabitable worlds minuscule at best. So we would like to assist you in this endeavor.”

“At this very moment, we are gathering some of the most extraordinary people on Earth. We will bring them to our vessel and let them examine it. Inside they will find all the comforts of Earth. If they choose to accept our offer, they will become part of the colonization team for Second Earth.”

“Thank you.”

Whoa! I wasn’t expecting that. I also wasn’t expecting the knock on my door a minute later. I opened the door and an alien was standing on my porch.

“Are you Mark Starlin?” 
“Yes.” I barely got the words out. 
“Would you accompany me please?”
“Umm. Sure.”

I got into some kind of cube-shaped thing. These guys really like cubes. There were seats inside so I sat down. I waited for us to start moving but nothing seemed to be happening. So I started talking.
“I thought you were gathering extraordinary people?” 
It was half question, half statement.
“That is correct.”
“Why me, then?”

Before he could answer we arrived at the Cube. From North Carolina to Nebraska in a couple of minutes. Crazy!

“Please join this group. You will receive instructions in due time,” the alien said and then walked away. I stood with a large group of people of all races and ages.

There were countless other groups of people. One by one they approached the cube. Some entered the cube and some walked away. I assumed that the ones walking away were people who chose not to go colonize another planet and remain on Earth.

I wondered what I would do? A chance to start a new life on another planet with some the most extraordinary people on Earth. There could hardly be a bigger adventure. But what if it was all a lie. What if we were going to be put in a zoo or something? I’ve seen the Twilight Zone. My thoughts went back and forth.

It was a long, tedious process but finally, our group was the only group left. One of the aliens walked up to our group.

“There is someone you should meet.” The alien said. 
“This is Paul Hardy. He owns the farm we are on.
“Nice to meet you all,” Paul said.

I turned to the alien and said, “I still don’t understand what I am doing here. I am not extraordinary.”
“My records show that you are extraordinarily organized and tidy.” 
“Hmm. I guess. I don’t like clutter. Or messy places. And I do like things to be arranged in a systematic way.” 
“That is why you were recruited,” he said.

Then he turned and entered the cube, leaving our group standing there in the field.

I looked around and it all made sense. So I waved goodbye and watched the ship full of extraordinary people leave.

Farmer Hardy handed me a large orange trash bag and I started picking up garbage.

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