All in Gigs

The Best Things In Life Require Risk

I am mainly a guitar player but a couple of years ago a guitar student of mine asked me if I taught bass. I said “I don’t play bass, but have wanted to learn how for a long time. How about we learn it together?” She agreed and we started alternating guitar lesson one week, bass lesson the next. 

The Calm Before The Gig

Some times I am scrambling to get set up before a gig. Other times I can relax and take my time. Saturday was one of those relaxing times. I got to the venue early and had plenty of time to set up and enjoy the beautiful weather and quiet before the sound check, last minute set list changes, and gigging began. 

Naming The Band

At the end of summer, some of my mates from Peak City Sound decided to branch out and start a smaller band to play some smaller venues where the 14 member Peak City Sound band simply wouldn’t fit. They asked me if I would be interested in joining the group. Being a full time musician (a.k.a. no steady paycheck) and that they are all fun people to play with, I said “Of course.” So during our first practice our drummer Jack says “I got us a gig.” What? 

Right Up Here

When you play outdoor gigs, you never know where you might end up playing. Yesterday Peak City Sound was booked to play at a PGA tournament at a very nice local country club. Sweet. But we ended up playing on a huge balcony way above the audience, who were milling around a bunch of food trucks.

Carry That Weight

Last night I played an outdoor show with my band Peak City Sound. I was originally asked to join the band as a fill in guitarist because the regular guitarist, Hannu, frequently travels the globe with his job thanks to his superpower of speaking a ridiculous number of languages. I once asked him how many languages he spoke and he said “All of them.” I laughed, but I almost believe him.