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Line 6 Spider V 30 Review

I am a musician and guitar teacher, and have been using Spider IV 15 amps for teaching guitar for seven years. They are good teaching/practice amps. They are easy to use, have four good sounding amp models, built in effects, and a low price. All good things for a musician/teacher teaching a wide variety of musical styles. So I was naturally interested when the Spider V 30 was released. Here is my review. 

Mesa Express 5:25+ Review

I play guitar in a cover band playing music spanning the 1960s through today. I also play at church. So I need tonal versatility in my gear. I have always preferred to get my main clean and overdriven tones from my amp, not pedals, so I need an amp with both great clean tones and great overdriven tones. For me, that means a tube amp.

Shopping For Guitar Amplifiers

You finally got that electric guitar you’ve been wanting for so long. It looks great and plays like a dream. But how does it sound? Much of a guitar’s tone comes from its construction and hardware, but it eventually has to go through an amplifier if you want to be heard. Choosing an amp is tough, there are lots of choices. A good amp can make an average guitar sound better, but a bad amp can make even a great guitar sound lousy. Let’s take a look at the different types of amplifiers available and then I’ll give you some tips on shopping for an amp.