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Iron Age Spearhead & JazzRT Guitar Pick Review

Picks come in lots of shapes, thicknesses, and materials. It can be difficult to find just the right one for your playing style and music. While conventional thought says flexible picks are better for strumming and rigid picks are better for fast single note picking and riffs, there are no rules. It is really a matter of preference. 

It’s Not Just For Sore Throats, It’s A Pick Container Too!

I buy picks by the dozens because they are inexpensive and I lose them frequently. I also give picks to students who forget to bring theirs to lessons. When my wife and I were on vacation last year in Santa Fe New Mexico, we were looking in the gift shops and kept seeing a lot of hand made pottery. That’s when the thought came to me that maybe I could find something hand made to keep picks in.

Dragon's Heart Wyvern Series Picks Review

A little over a year ago I did of review of the Dragon's Heart premium picks. You can read that review here. Dragon's Heart premium picks offer a unique shape that provides three different picking edges and tones. They are also quite thick and don’t flex. Some players like the added thickness and rigidness of the premium picks, but other players prefer the more traditional flex and thickness of a standard pick. Realizing this, the folks at Dragon's Heart have recently released a new series of picks called the Wyvern Series.

Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picks Review

When the guys at Dragon Heart’s Picks approached me about reviewing their picks I warned them that I was a 40+ year Fender Medium pick user and that I had tried and used dozens of other picks over the years including the newer synthetic material premium picks, even stone picks! But I always returned to Fender Medium picks. So I would be a tough sell. They weren’t deterred and sent me one of each Dragon’s Heart pick models.