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New Old Music Posted

I have posted a bunch of older music I have recorded over the years. Most of it I recorded myself playing all the instruments, but there are also two songs from my old band Big Truth. 

You can listen to them on the Media page. I hope you like them.

“Building” Drum Tracks

When I set out to record some jazz songs I had written, I planned them to be demo tracks that I could give to musicians to learn and practice my songs. I had several factors that I had to deal with. First, I had zero budget for recording. There would be no going to a studio. So this would have to be a laptop studio project using existing instruments and software. Second, I don’t have a decent room for recording and I mainly have late night for recording. So it would have to done direct into the laptop. No microphones. Third I play guitar, bass, and keys well enough to get my ideas across, but I don’t play drums. So I would depend on drum loops and drum software to build the drum tracks. 

Mixing Third Song For My Kind Of Jazz

I have finished recording and begun mixing the third song for my album My Kind Of Jazz. The song is titled Nice Evening. I originally titled the song December because I wrote it one December. But the name didn’t really fit the song so I renamed it. It seems to me more like a “relaxing” song that you might play at the end of a nice evening than a song about a cold winter month.

My Kind Of Jazz (album)

For several years I played guitar in a band called Upstairs Jazz. It was occasional. We did cafe gigs, weddings, Christmas programs, and anniversary parties. It was great fun. The best part was I got to write original jazz music and then hear it played by great musicians.