I am a musician, writer, and guitar teacher. Welcome to my website where I share my creative efforts, knowledge, and thoughts. 

I am currently recording jazz songs for an album. I am releasing them one song at a time here and on Patreon and YouTube. Then I will release the whole album on Noisetrade, iTunes, Spotify, etc. I will share info about my music making and gigging here. 

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I am a musician and guitar instructor. For 14 years I created the Better Guitar website. This section of my website will include guitar specific content like gear reviews, thoughts, lessons, etc. including the best content from Better Guitar. 

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For the past six years I have been posting sometimes witty, sometimes weird, sometimes wacky, and sometimes wonderful posts on Facebook. I will be sharing them here now too. I am also working on a novel. I will share my non-musical thoughts and writings here. 

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